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Chemlub lubricants.
Equipments that doesn't stop.

Turbines are equipment that require very high reliability in operation, as in many cases, they generate energy and power for the operation of an entire industrial plant. They can work in environments heavily contaminated with water, steam, acids, dust, etc., for this reason, they require lubricants that guarantee the proper level of lubrication and protection.

The Chemlub range of turbine lubricants was developed with a wide range of applications in mind in combined cycle turbine, gas turbine, steam turbine, turbogenerator and turbocharger systems under severe operating and load conditions.

Its versatility to meet the needs of all major turbine manufacturers and users, guarantees greater protection against wear and corrosion, in addition to offering excellent thermal resistance, with very high performance in the tost life oxidation test.

They are mineral and synthetic fluids, in addition to a food grade line with NSF-H1 certification, specially formulated to increase corrosion resistance, extend the service life in high-requirements turbines, and still present excellent antifoaming, demulsifying and corrosion resistance properties extreme pressure.

Lubricants meet various quality and manufacturer specifications such as:

  • ✔ DIN 51 515 pate1 e 2 (L-TD/ L-TG);
  • ✔ Alstom;
  • ✔ GEK;
  • ✔ MIL-PRF17331j;
  • ✔ Siemens;
  • ✔ US Steel;
  • ✔ Mitsubishi Heavy Industries;
  • ✔ TGM.

  • Protects against corrosion
    Protects against oxidation
    Prevents foam formation
    NSF-H1 Certification
    Protects against wear
    High temperature resistant
    Withstands high loads
    Withstands high pressures

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