Электроинструмент Makita по низким ценам
knee surgery

Food industry.

Exclusive and certified line for food safety.

The concern with quality, the preservation of products and the need to increase productivity were the main reasons for the advancement in technologies and constant development of machines in this segment.

Machinery in the sector needs lubricants that maximize their efficiency, providing reliability and increased useful life, ensuring greater productivity. Therefore, Chemlub is a great partner, as our products play a role in keeping with this reality, delivering “Food Grade” lubricants with NSF-H1 certification, of the highest quality, providing fewer downtimes for maintenance, resulting in more savings and greater competitiveness for the industry. Chemlub also has a complete line for the lubrication of the most varied equipment in the food and beverage industry, even when in severe operating conditions, such as extreme temperatures, environments contaminated by water, steam and humidity, operations with high levels of load and pressures.

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