Электроинструмент Makita по низким ценам
knee surgery


Constant protection against wear and tear.

Steel cables are equipment that is constantly exposed to natural wear and tear such as cold, heat, rain, dust, etc. These factors, added to the stress caused by high loads, promote and accelerate the degradation and wear of the cables. Thinking about situations like these, Chemlub developed a special line of lubricating oils and greases exclusively for wire ropes.

With high load capacity and excellent penetrability, these lubricants protect against wear, offer excellent resistance to water and humidity, and also protect against oxidation and corrosion, significantly increasing cable life and preserving equipment.


Protects against corrosion
Protects against oxidation
Weight capacity
Resistance to water and humidity
Protects against wear
Protects against external contaminants
Resist low temperatures

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