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Metal machining is a highly complex operation, as many factors are involved.

In most metal work, it is necessary to use cutting fluids that cool and lubricate, which reduces the temperature, in addition to protecting, inhibiting corrosion, oxidation and wear of the equipment.

In order to facilitate cutting operations, Chemlub offers fluids, minerals, semi-synthetics and synthetics, soluble and integral, for all conventional machining operations and Machining Centers (CNC), operating under severe and extreme pressure conditions.

Chemlub provides specialized professionals to assist you in selecting the best fluid for the most diverse operations, such as:

  • ✔ Turning;
  • ✔ Milling;
  • ✔ Drilling, Planing;
  • ✔ Boring;
  • ✔ Sawing;
  • ✔ Broaching;
  • ✔ Threading;
  • ✔ Rectifies;
  • ✔ Stamping;
  • ✔ Lamination;
  • ✔ Burnishing.

  • Protects against corrosion
    Protects against oxidation
    Prevents foam formation
    Protects against wear
    Weight capacity
    Withstands high pressures
    Very high lubricity

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