Premium quality lubrication. Affordable investment for the most diverse types of compressors.

Compressors are considered highly reliable, as they can work 24 hours a day, and any downtime due to lubrication problems can result in huge losses.

To help you avoid any type of loss due to equipment downtime, Chemlub has a line of mineral (Paraffinic and Naphthenic) and synthetic (PAO, PAG and Polyolesters) lubricants developed exclusively for air and refrigeration compressors. Its high performance formulation prevents the formation of varnishes, lacquers and residues, in addition to protecting against wear, foaming, oxidation and corrosion, offering better performance and lower costs with unscheduled downtime


We also offer a range of NSF-H1 certified food grade mineral and synthetic lubricants for air and refrigeration compressors that maintain the same Chemlub quality standard.

In addition, we have solutions that meet and exceed the main quality standards and manufacturers: DIN 51 506 (VB, VBL, VC, VCL, VDL), among others.

Our lubricants are ideal for all types of air and refrigeration compressors:

  • ✔ Rotary Screw;
  • ✔ Piston;
  • ✔ Vane;
  • ✔ Centrifugal;
  • ✔ Reciprocating;
  • ✔ and others.
  • Refrigeration and Gas

    Chemlub also has state-of-the-art mineral and synthetic lubricants, based on PAO, Polyolester and PAG, for the most diverse stationary compressors, Chillers, mobile compressors used in transport vehicles and gas compressors. We have an exclusive line of food grade mineral and synthetic lubricants with NSF-H1 certification, specially developed to serve the Food and Pharmaceutical Industry. HCFC's: R12, R22, R124a and others. HFC's: R134a, R404a, R422 R507 and others. Hydrocarbons: Propane, LPG, CO2, Ammonia and others.

    Protects against corrosion
    Protects against oxidation
    Prevents foam formation
    NSF-H1 Certification
    Protects against wear
    Resists low temperatures

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