Электроинструмент Makita по низким ценам
knee surgery


Strength and reliability for transmission, transport, drives and load-bearing systems.

In many industry sectors, chains work under severe operating conditions, such as: temperature extremes (-60°C to +300°C), extremely high loads, environments with excess water, steam, acids, dust, etc.

Chemlub has a tailor-made line for the treatment and lubrication of these chains that require high lubricity, need more wear resistance and protection against oxidation and corrosion. Our line was developed to offer long periods of lubrication, avoiding the formation of carbonization and varnish in applications at high temperatures, very common in the food industries, among others.

We offer mineral-based, semi-synthetic, synthetic, biodegradable, dry lube, protective lubricants and a full line of NSF-H1 certified food grade lubricants for all types of chains and industries.


Very high lubricity
Protects against corrosion
Protects against oxidation
NSF-H1 Certification
Long lubrication period
Protects against wear
Protects against external contaminants
Resists low temperatures
High temperature resistant
Weight capacity

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